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Magma's Editor User Interface
Magma's Editor User Interface

Discover the basics of Magma's Editor user interface. Learn about bars and panels, get to know their role and functionalities.

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User Interface

When you open a Canvas in Magma, you will see that the User Interface of the Editor is made up of:

  • Back to Dashboard button (in the top left corner) ❶

  • Top Bar (on top) ❷

  • Toolbar (on the left side) ❸

  • Canvas (in the center) ➍

  • Properties Panel (on the right) ❺

  • Status Bar (at the bottom) ❻

  • Sequence Bar (at the bottom) ❼

  • Layer Panel (on the right) ❽

💡 Tip

To toggle the visibility of the entire User Interface, on keyboard
use the Tab key to toggle it.

❶ Back to Dashboard button

This button opens up a ArtDesk Side-menu and allows you to navigate back to the your ArtDesk, this or another ArtSpace or another Project.

Magma back to Dashboard button

❷ Top Bar

Top Bar serves as a main Menu bar and contains also Quick Actions.

Menu contains options to:

  • manipulate the File

  • access Edit options

  • access View options

  • find Help

  • access Admin options

In the Top Bar, in the middle, you have access to all the most frequently used tools, and we call it Quick Actions. You can either press the icon buttons or use corresponding shortcuts:

Quick Actions buttons explanation: Undo, Redo, Zoom in, etc.
💡 Tip
All shortcuts are available from menu Edit > Application Settings
in the "Shortcuts" tab.

If someone from your team starts working with you on the same Canvas, you will also see their avatars in the Top Bar.

You can generate and copy an Invite Link to the Canvas by pressing Invite button. Your profile options are available under your Avatar and Username.

❸ Toolbar

In the Toolbar you can find all the tools you can use on the Canvas with their corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

💡 Tip
Hovering over a Tool icon button displays a video explanation and
a description of the Tool.

Further Reading:


Canvas is a main drawing/painting area. You can change its name, size, background color and resolution by going to File > Drawing Settings. You can also set password to protect your Canvas and manage notifications.

Properties Panel

Properties Panel is made up of following sections:

  • Color Picker

  • Recent Tools

  • Properties

In the Color Picker you can pick a color from the Color Wheel or type in a HEX value into the input. You can have up to two colors selected at once, and you can switch between them with the Switch Colors icon button or with a keyboard shortcut X .

Recent Tools panel stores up to six recently used Tools with their custom Properties. You can set them up by yourself by clicking on an empty slot with a plus icon. Tool stored in the panel updates itself accordingly to the changes in the Properties of the Tool. You can quickly access each of the Recent Tool by clicking its corresponding shortcut counting from 1 to 6 on your keyboard or by clicking them in the panel.

In the Properties you can change the properties of any Tool you use on Canvas. Type of Tool you select will determine which properties are available in the Properties Panel at a given time. For example, when you select a Brush tool, you will be able to set the properties for the Brush tool, like Brush Size, Opacity, Hardness, etc. When you select a Square Tool, you will be able to set whether the shape is filled or has a stroke only.

Status Bar

In the bottom left corner in the Status Bar you can see what is you current magnification percentage and other useful statuses, like: flipped or rotated canvas status, or if you are viewing your canvas in grayscale mode.

Sequence Bar

Sequence Bar allows to create a sequence of images. Each image has its own layers.

Sequence Bar is toggled by pressing the Sequence button in the bottom left corner of the window.

Layer Panel

Layer panel contains all the layers created by you and your collaborators. Right-clicking on a layer in the Layer panel opens up the context menu. All layers are marked with the Username to indicate ownership of the Layer.

To create a new Drawing Layer you need to press the Add Layer button with the plus icon. You can delete a layer directly from the panel, just click the layer and remove it with the Bin icon.

Read a full article: Creating a Layer

Further reading on Layer Panel: Where can I find Layers in Magma?

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