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Project and folder management in Magma
Project and folder management in Magma

How to create and organise your projects and folders in the Magma Artspace dashboard

Written by Ryan Allan
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Creating Projects and folders

You can create new projects in your Artspace dashboard by hitting the + on the top right of the Projects panel. A Window will appear to name your new project

You can create new folders inside each project to help keep your files organized.

  1. Select the project on the left panel.

  2. Find the New Folder button on the top right of your dashboard.

  3. A window will appear to name your new folder

  4. When the window closes, your dashboard will now be active in your new folder where you can create new canvases.

Reorder your projects in the Project panel by clicking and dragging it
to a new position.

To rename or delete a project

Hit the hamburger icon for the folder on the far-right in your overview

Renaming or deleting a project

Select the project from the left panel and tap the hamburger icon on the top right of your overview panel.

Click on Project Settings to rename your project.

Clicking Delete Project will bring up a new window to confirm your action. Deleting a Project will also delete all the contents of the project and cannot be erased.

Moving folders

If you want to rearrange and move your folders, you can do this by clicking the hamburger icon to the right of the folder in your overview. A window will appear with a folder map.

Select the new project or folder you want the folder to be moved to and hit Move.

If you need to create a new folder first, you can click the folder +
button to the right.

Importing PSDs to your projects

You can also import Photoshop PSD files to your projects and folders. Use the Import button from your overview panel or drag and drop the file on your canvas.

You can read more about importing images to your canvases in this guide.

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