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Move Tool
Written by Ryan Allan
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Introduction to the Move Tool

If you want to move a layer in Magma, or just a piece of it to another part of the canvas, then you can use the Move tool. The shortcut for this on your keyboard is V.

By default, the active selection for the Move tool is the entire layer you are currently working on. Use the Move tool to click and drag it across to a different part of your canvas.

Moving Layers and Selections

To move only a portion of your layer, first use one of your selection tools (Selection, Circle Selection, or Lasso Selection) to outline the area. Then switch to your Move tool. Click and drag your selection to its new location.

Moving Along Axis

To move your selection along a horizontal or vertical axis, press and hold SHIFT, then click and drag left or right, or up or down. Your object will move along a straight line to its new point.

Find Object Layer

If you have a part of your drawing on a separate layer, but can't figure out which layer it is, use the Move tool together with Ctrl.

Press and hold Ctrl and then click on the part of your drawing you want to find the layer for. After clicking, that layer will become your active one.

Aligning Layers

Aligning layers is an essential part of creating a polished and well-organized canvas. Whether you're working with regular layers or text layers, the Move tool in Magma allows you to easily align elements with precision. You can align layers to fit the edges (Left, Right, Top, Bottom) or center of the canvas (Center Horizontally, Center Vertically).

Moving Text Layers​

Text tool layers can also be moved and aligned using the Move tool, just like regular layers. This ensures that your typography is perfectly positioned in your design. Whether you're adjusting the placement of a headline or fine-tuning the location of body text, the Move tool makes it easy to achieve the desired layout.

​Customizing Shortcuts for Layer Alignment

For those who like to work more efficiently, Magma provides the ability to customize shortcuts for layer alignment. By setting your keybindings, you can streamline your workflow and save time on common actions. Dive into the preferences to set up shortcuts that fit your personal workflow.

​Understanding Layer Bounds

In some cases, the bounding box of a layer might appear wider than the actual pixel content. This can affect how the Move tool interacts with the layer. It's important to be aware of this to avoid confusion when aligning or moving objects within your canvas. If you notice a discrepancy, you can adjust the bounding box to fit the actual content size.

You can read more about resolving layer bounds issue in this article:

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