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I'm experiencing lag when drawing
I'm experiencing lag when drawing
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If you're using an iPad, please check this guide for help.

  1. Try the following things:

    • Restart your browser

    • Make sure you're using a recommended browser (you can find the list above)

    • Close all other browser tabs

    • Close all other applications

    • Restart your computer

  2. Create a new canvas with 1920 x 1080 size and see if the problem happens there as well (sometimes large size or a large number of layers can be the cause of lag)

  3. Turn off the "stabilization" feature (it helps to draw smooth stokes, but sometimes it might be perceived as a lag since it delays the time between pen or mouse move, and the actual drawing appearing on the screen)

    Image with instruction: How to turn off the Stabilizer

  4. Open `Edit -> Application settings` and turn on checkbox next to *"Disable graphics acceleration"* (in cases of some graphic cards this might help β€” but if it doesn't, it's better to turn it back off)

If nothing above helps and you're still experiencing the lag contact our support team including the following information:

  • your software & hardware specification

  • link to canvas when the issue is happening

  • browser performance report (read here to learn how to prepare it)

  • (optional) recording presenting the lag

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