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Which browser should I use?
Which browser should I use?
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You will achieve the best performance and avoid issues using the latest version of a recommended browser:

  • Windows users should use Edge or Chrome

  • macOS users should use Chrome

  • iOS (iPad, iPhone) users should use Safari — please make sure you turn Scribble feature off

  • Android users should use Chrome

You should always use a browser updated to the latest version since we don’t support some of the older versions at all. Here are the minimum versions that we support:

  • Safari: 12.1.2

  • Firefox: 52.9.0

  • Chrome: 55.0.2883

  • Edge: 80.0.361.57

You can find information about supported features and setup by opening the Magma platform and going to Help → Getting started the top bar.

If you experience any issues despite using a recommended browser, please contact us at [email protected].

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