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My screen is glitching when drawing in Magma
My screen is glitching when drawing in Magma

Learn what to do if you keep experiencing visual issues when working in Magma

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In most cases, glitching or visual artifacts appearing on the screen in Magma are not caused by Magma itself, but rather by issues or bugs in the code of either the browser, or graphics card drivers used by your device.

In order to try to fix this issue, please:

  1. Make sure you're using recommended browser

  2. Try disabling graphic acceleration in Magma:

    1. Go to application settings:

    2. Once there, select checkbox next to "Disable graphics acceleration" label and save changes:

    3. Finally, restart your browser

If that does't help, please send us an email to [email protected] with following information:

  • Your magma email or username

  • Information about your devices: name, operating system, manufacturer, model (both computer as well as drawing tablet if you're using any)

  • Screenshot or video recording presenting the issue

  • Link to the canvas where the issue had happened

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