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How do I report inappropriate content?
How do I report inappropriate content?
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We normally don't moderate sessions by default to respect your privacy, but if there's anything going on that makes you feel insecure, or you think that our Terms of Use are being broken, please contact us at [email protected] and we will act on it as soon as possible.

⚠️ If you believe a law is being broken due to offensive, dangerous, or otherwise illegal content and it presents an immediate threat, please contact the respective authorities instead.

Reporting inappropriate Art Jams

We do have some rules around our public Art Jams feature, and require users to refrain from offensive behaviour and content. For canvases that might be Not Safe For Work, hosts are expected to label their canvases as Mature.

If you experience inappropriate content and behaviour in the Art Jams, you can report the canvas from the Art Jam dashboard.

Find the Art Jam in your dashboard and tap on the three-dots action menu button

Then hit Report

Follow the prompts to five more information for our moderation team to investigate.

See more about dealing with troublemakers on the canvas in this guide.

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