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Someone is causing trouble. What can I do?
Someone is causing trouble. What can I do?
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Sometimes, while you're drawing on a canvas, someone might show up who tries to disrupt the fun. In most cases you can simply leave the canvas, but for more serious cases there are some steps you can take depending on where you're hosting the canvas, and your role in it.

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As a canvas admin

First of all — try talking to that person. Good communication quite often can solve a lot of problems. If that does not help and someone in the drawing spoils fun for everyone, you can prevent them from drawing altogether:

  1. Make sure you're the admin of the drawing

  2. Open the drawing Admin menu and change Own layers and Add/remove layer settings from "All" to "Approved". Warning: this will prevent everyone else from drawing as well. Make sure you follow the next steps as well.

  3. Click on the trouble maker's avatar and then click on "Kick from all layers". They won't be able to rejoin a layer, but you still have the option to talk with them.

  4. Change all other people's roles to “Approved”, so that they can continue to create and join layers.

I want to block someone from my canvas

If you want to completely remove a user from your canvas and block them from joining again:

  1. tap on their avatar;

  2. Select Kick and Block.

Note: If you have multiple canvases in sequence, you might have to block them from each one individually.

Currently it is not possible to block someone from your canvas unless they are active on it.

As an Artspace admin

If someone joins your Artspace and starts to cause trouble on the canvas, you can remove them from the Artspace, and ban them so that they cannot rejoin.

  1. Go to the Artspace Settings, and then the Members tab.

  2. Find the user's name and open the action menu.

  3. Select Remove & Block from joining. The user will now be on the ban list.

When joining Art Jams

If you encounter troublemakers on an Art Jam canvas, the first thing to do is reach out to the canvas owner or admin (if that's not you). You'll see who they are by the star or key symbol on their avatars.

If no admin is present and the behaviour violates our Terms and guidelines, then you can report the canvas for our own moderation team to investigate.

  1. From the Art Jams dashboard, tap on the action menu icon (three dots).

  2. Select Report and follow the prompts to provide more information.

Report the user

If you encounter a particularly disruptive or harmful user, you can report the user. You can tap on their avatar and then select Report User.

When reporting a user, you will see the same reasons as listed in the previous section for reporting Art Jams.

We ask that you only use this reporting action in more serious cases, and if you believe that someone in immediate threat, please reach out to our support team.

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