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Verifying your email for Art Jams
Verifying your email for Art Jams
Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

To enjoy our Art Jams feature, we require users to have email-verified accounts. Once verified, you'll be able to jump on a canvas with people from all over the world to draw together.

Why do I have to verify my email?

The main reasons for us requiring email verification are around security and trolls.

We want Magma, and the experience of meeting and drawing with fellow artists and doodlers to be as enjoyable as possible. Unfortunately, there are often people who want to ruin that experience for others in various ways. Email verification makes it easier for us to manage this, removing troublesome users, and supporting our community.

To know more about good conduct on shared canvases, check out our best practices article.

How do I verify my email address

When you sign up for your free Magma account, you'll be sent an email asking to confirm your email address.

If you created your account using Google, you are automatically email-verified. Please contact us if you are still being asked to confirm your email address in this case,

Older accounts might not have received this email and will need to request it. To have one resent, go to your Account Settings. In the Account and Password tab, tap the Resend email button.

Alternatively, when trying to join an Art Jam for the first time, a window appears with information and rules for the canvas. At the bottom of the window is a block requesting that you verify your email address. Tap the Resend Email text in that box.

Then open your email account and find one from Magma with [Action Required] in the subject line. Open and tap the Confirm your email button.

You are now verified and ready to join our Art Jams!

How do I change my email address

If you no longer have access to the email address that you signed up with, and need to change it, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on your avatar in the top right corner;

  2. Go to Account and Billing

  3. Then tap on Change email

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