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Art Jams

This guide covers Art Jams, our discoverability feature for public collaborative canvases.

Written by Ryan Allan
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πŸš€ Art Jams feature is launching at 5:00 PM PT on Jun 20, 2024

Art Jams are a way to easily connect and draw with other artists. Create your Art Jam's canvas to let other artists discover it and join in, or hop onto an existing jam and start drawing.

Below you will find all the information for creating and managing art jams.

IMPORTANT: Please review our Terms of Service, paying particular attention to the Eligibility section.

If you've been using our Art Jams feature, we'd love to get some feedback and hear more about your experience of it. Please consider completing this survey.

Step 1: Register account

You must have a verified Magma account to create and join Art Jams.

  1. If you followed a link to an Art Jam canvas, you will be prompted to sign in or register. Registering an account on Magma is completely free.

  2. Next, you will have to verify your account by email. Once you have verified your account by tapping the link in the verification email, you will be able to access our Art Jams feature.

More about verifying your account in this guide.

Where to find art jams

When logging into you Artdesk, you'll find the Art Jams icon directly below your Artdesk icon.

You cannot join or create Art Jams as an anonymous user. You must have a Magma account.

There are four main sections:

  • Live Now - shows all art jams with active users in them;

  • All Art Jams - shows all listed art jams by created by you or others;

  • Art Jams I've joined - shows both visible and hidden canvases that you have previously joined;

  • Art Jams I Own - shows only Art Jams that you have created.

Joining Art Jams

You can find an art jam either by browsing through the list of all canvases, or search based on the genre that you are interested in.

When you click on an art jam, a new window will appear with more information about it, including any particular rules that the host has.

You must agree to the rules of the canvas before joining. Art Jam hosts may block you if you do not adhere to the canvas rules.

You will also need to be email-verified before being allowed to join Art Jams. If you're not already verified, tap the Resend email button, or check our verification guide.

Filter jams

When Art Jams are created, hosts can assign particular genres to them to help other users find canvases that are more relevant to them.

When you select a genre, you will notice a slight change in the user interface. To deselect a genre and show all available art jams, tap on the genre again or hit the Clear button.

You can also toggle the visibility of canvases that are labeled as mature. In order to enable visibility, you will have to verify your age.

How to create an art jam

To host your own, discoverable Art Jam, hit either of the two highlighted buttons in the


A new window will appear where you can input all the information about your canvas including the title, description, genre, tags, and rules.

You can change the formatting of your text in the description using Markdown. Read more about Markdown in this guide.


You can assign up to three genres to your canvas. This ensures that when users filter canvases, your art jam will appear in the appropriate category.


Rules are an important part of public spaces, and canvas hosts can clearly state what is and isn't allowed in their spaces. Joiners will see these rules when selecting your Art Jam and will have to agree to them before being allowed to join the canvas.

Mature content

With a diverse userbase of different age groups and contexts, we ask that Art Jam hosts mark their canvases as having mature content if they expect to be drawing or discussing topics that may not be appropriate for younger or more conservative audiences.

In order for mature canvases to be visible, users will need to verify their age through this window.

Hiding an Art Jam

If you don't want any more joiners on your canvas, or to hide it from discovery while you are offline or setting it up, you can mark your Art Jam as hidden.

You can either set your canvas as hidden when you create it, or later through the Edit option. It is not possible to do from the canvas itself.

When you set your canvas to hidden, anyone that previously joined the canvas, will still be able to access it later through the Art Jams I've Joined tab.

Deleting an art jam

To delete an Art Jam, tap on the action menu icon, and then select to delete it. You can only remove canvases that you have created.

When you confirm to delete your Art Jam, it will be sent to the bin in your Artdesk.

You have 30 days to restore your canvas before it will be permanently deleted. When restoring one of these canvases from the bin, it will return to the Art Jams section of Magma.

Reporting an art jam

If an art jam is found to be containing inappropriate content that does not meet our community guidelines, is potentially harmful, or not correctly labeled, you can report the canvas to our moderation team.

Categories for reporting include: mature content, violent content, bullying or harassment, hate speech, sexual activity, suicide & self-harm, and spam.

For each category, we do provide some examples when you select one. Be sure to give us more details as well when reporting. A moderator may request additional proof in the form of screenshots or account names.

Canvas Permissions for your Art Jam

When hosting a public canvas, you may want to carefully consider the various permissions available for joiners to limit any potential disruptive action from trolls. You can find these permissions in the Admin menu for your canvas.

We have adjusted the default permissions for Art Jams, but it is best for art jam hosts to review them as well. We have a video guide that covers these permissions in more detail.

Layer limits (coming soon)

A default layer limit is applied for Art Jams to ensure good performance of the app, and also to prevent excessive layer abuse by trolls. This limit is set to 10 layers per user. Admins will be able to change this in their Admin menu.

Other things about Art Jams

  • The Sequence Panel is not available in Art Jams. For now, only one canvas per jam is possible.

  • You can resize the canvas of your Art Jam using either the drawing settings or Crop tool after you create it.

  • You must have a registered Magma account in order to host or join Art Jams.

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