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How to add Content Pages and Posts
How to add Content Pages and Posts

This guide covers adding content pages and posts for your Artspace members.

Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

Magma’s content pages let’s Artspace admins share important news and valuable content with their teams to keep them up-to-date and inspired. This is similar to Magma’s own Community Hub, but specifically for you and your community.

Content pages can be links, videos, and articles hosted in the Artspace alongside your various project folders.

How to add a content page

  • To add a content page, first open your Magma side panel and click on your Artspace icon.

  • Then tap the + symbol in your side bar next to Projects. You will notice that the icon for Content Pages under your Projects section differs from regular project folders

  • Select Content page from the options and give this content section a name like Events, Inspiration, or Tips & Tricks. When you’re ready, hit the Create button.

Add posts to content pages

Inside a content page, you will have the option to post a links, videos, or articles with your Artspace members.


Here you can post external link to different websites. The thumbnail or preview will generally update to show the featured image of that link when you insert it. Beneath the preview are buttons to either remove the thumbnail, or add one of your own.

You can also adjust the title if you want something other than the given title of the page.


Post links to YouTube videos of things like artist interviews, tutorials, or onboarding guides. These videos must be hosted on YouTube and follow the link format. Links to pre-scheduled livestreams which have the format can be shared as a link rather than a video post.

As with the Link post, you can change the preview image and update the title. You will also be ale to include your own description. The description becomes visible when someone opens the post from the content page:


Rather than sharing external content, you can post updates and articles of your own within Magma. You’ll add your own title, preview, and descriptions.

To format your article, you can use Markdown, which you can read more about in this guide or tap the information icon just below the description box.

Publish as a modal

You will notice the option for videos and articles to publish your content as a modal. This will make your content pop up in a separate window over the dashboard or canvas the next time a an Artspace member logs in to the space ensuring that they do not miss your update.

After they close the window, they can still view the content in the content page, provided they have permission to do so.


You as the admin and owner of an Artspace can create content pages for the space. For members to be able to view all content pages, you will need to adjust the permissions in your Artspace settings.

To do this, go to your Artspace settings, the roles, and adjust the available roles as needed, or create a new one that you can assign to members. You can find out more about roles and permissions in this guide.

You can also give other members permission to create pages and publish modals/pop-up news windows however, we recommend that you restrict this only to very specific collaborators or admins whom you trust to manage the Artspace with you.

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