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This guide will take you through Magma's Version History feature and how to use it.

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Magma’s version history feature allows to you save your artwork at specific points, compare different versions, and restore canvases to previous states. View the video or scroll on for the written guide.

Though we have thoroughly tested this tool, if you encounter any problems or unusual behaviour of the tool on your system, please let us know.

How to save your canvas

Magma saves and stores canvases periodically, but you may want to save specific stages during an artwork or variations of it.

To do this, open up your File menu, and select Save to Version History.

A new window will appear where you can name your save:

Magma will autosave versions periodically and remove older autosaves over time ensuring that you have a save from:

  • every hour in last day

  • every day in last week

  • every week in last month

  • every month in last year

Viewing your version history

To view your canvas’ Version history, tap on the File Menu and select Open Version History. Here you will be able to view autosaved, user-saved, and bookmarked versions of your canvas.

  • Search If you’ve saved several versions of your canvas with specific titles, use the search bar to find them easily.

  • Filtering versions Beyond the search bar, you can also filter for different types of canvas versions:

    • All: shows all canvases versions in the list;

    • Bookmarked: autosaved versions that you have selected to keep

    • and user-saved: canvases saved to the version history via the File menu action.

  • Bookmarking Magma will periodically save a version of your active canvas and store them for a time before being removed. You can review these versions and decide to save certain ones by tapping on the star icon.

  • Action menu Next to the star icon for each version you will also find the action menu with various options:

    • preview in new tab - Opens a flattened PNG image of that canvas in a new browser tab;

    • revert - will restore your currently active canvas to this state;

    • duplicate as new canvas - will create a new canvas of this version which you can access rom your dashboard;

    • download - downloads a flattened PNG version of this canvas to your device;

    • export - gives you the option to save this version to your device as a PNG, JPEG, or PSD file, or as individual images of each layer.

    • delete - removes the canvas from the version history.

How to restore an older version of the canvas

After you have saved a few versions, you might want to revert back to a previous one to compare or roll back changes:

  1. Open the File menu on your canvas;

  2. Select Open Version History;

  3. Tap on the action menu for the version you want to restore;

  4. Select Revert to that version.

  5. You canvas will refresh with all the layers of that version.
    (A new autosave will also appear in your list that captures your canvas at the moment before restoring a different version to ensure that you don't lose any work)

Note: Reverting to a previous version does not clear newer versions of the canvas. If you would like to keep a newer version, be sure to save or bookmark it.

The version history feature may be particularly useful for community users sharing their canvases publicly who might encounter troublesome users on the canvas and need to restore it to a previous state.


The Version History function on canvases created in your Artdesk is only available to you as the canvas owner. Other users who join your canvases will not be able to view, save, or restore other versions.

Permissions for version history in the Artspaces in which you are an admin, can be assigned based on each member’s role.

Find out more about Artspace member and role management in this guide.

The following version history permissions can be assigned to a role in an Artspace:

  • View revisions

  • Create drawing revision

  • Restore revision

  • Update revision

  • Remove revision

When a user does not have access to the version history or the ability to save a version, the options in their File menu from the canvas will be grayed out and a tool tip will appear prompting them to contact the drawing owner.

If a user only has permission to view revisions, they will be able to open the Version History but have limited options to preview and export versions.

Spark versus Blaze Version History feature

Free (Spark) users will have a limited number of accessible versions. Additional versions are saved but only accessible upon upgrade.

Paid users (Blaze+) will have a longer timeframe, and more versions available to restore.

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