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I can't draw inside the app
I can't draw inside the app
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There can be a couple of reasons:

Make sure you're currently in a browser window and the URL contains

Sometimes when switching between windows it can become slightly confusing. Remember: it's not possible to draw in streaming services like Zoom/YouTube/etc. These are view only β€” in order to collaborate with other people, you have to have your browser open on our app page.

I. Check if you have a layer assigned:

II. Make sure you've selected a pencil/brush tool:

III. Make sure you're not drawing with background color:

IV. Make sure your brush opacity & layer are greater than 0%:

V. Make sure that the layer is not locked, and that there are no clipping masks or opacity locks:

VI. Make sure your layer is not covered by other layers:

VII. Refresh your browser

If the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected]

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