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Setting up pen pressure sensitivity
Setting up pen pressure sensitivity
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In most cases, pressure sensitivity will work out of the box with Magma. In case it doesn’t, you can go through some of the steps shown below to get set up.

If you are unable to draw in the app at all, be sure to check out this guide:

Getting started

Be sure to use the recommended browser

Magma works in many different browsers but our recommended one is Google Chrome across most devices. On iPad, use Safari instead. You can find out more about different compatible browsers, setup steps and known issues by selecting Getting Started under the Help menu on your canvas.

Ensure you are using a device that supports pressure sensitivity

If you are using a touch screen or mobile device, be sure that you are using a compatible stylus that offers pressure sensitivity.

Enable pressure settings in Magma

There are various settings for the brush and pixel pencil tools that respond to pressure. To activate pressure sensitivity for size, density, or color jitter, be sure that the appropriate boxes are checked (have brush symbol in them).

By default, your minimum size should be between 0 and 20% to test that your pressure sensitivity is working.

Below is an example of pressure for the brush size being inactive and active:

My pressure sensitivity isn’t working - What to do?

If your pen pressure isn’t being recognized in Magma for some reason, there some things to check that might fix it:

  • First make sure that you are using a compatible pressure-sensitive stylus with your device;

  • Does pressure work in other applications?

  • Check that pressure sensitivity is enabled in Magma as mentioned in the above section;

  • Check the minimum pressure setting in your Application settings on the General tab. This should be set to 0%;

  • Clear your browser cache, close your browser, and restart your computer or mobile device. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh start for your system;

You can follow the steps found in the Getting Started window from the Help menu on your canvas or see more steps below for specific types of devices.

On Computer

  1. Are you using Chrome browser and is it up-to-date? As mentioned above, our recommended browser for computer is Google Chrome;

  2. Do you have the latest version of your drawing tablet driver installed? It’s always best to start with the latest tablet driver version from your manufacturer. You can find this on their website. If pressure sensitivity is not working since updating, but it worked before, try rolling back to a pervious version of the driver.

  3. Do you have Windows Ink enabled in your tablet settings? Most tablet manufactures will have this option in the tablet settings. You can view these driver screenshots for different tablet brands to see where to find this setting: Wacom, XPPEN, Huion, Ugee, Veikk

  4. Test for pressure sensitivity in your browser. If it's working in other applications and Windows ink is enabled but still doesn't work in Magma then you can test it using test page. This will test for your browser recognizing pressure input. If the pressure shows different values as you vary your pressure, then it’s working.

    (For this test also make sure that the browser extension is not installed.)

If pressure worked before it might have something to do with updating drivers. Try completely uninstalling any tablet drivers on your system. Restart your computer. Then download and install the latest tablet driver from your manufacturer, and try again.

On iPad

  1. Are you using the Apple pencil? The Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd Gen) is the only stylus that offers pressure sensitivity on iPad. If you are using any third-party stylus, the thickness/strength of your lines will stay the same as you draw.

  2. Are you using the recommended browser for iPad? Safari on iPadOS has native stylus support and is our recommended browser for the iPad.

On Android

  1. Are you using a tablet that supports a pressure sensitive stylus eg. Samsung Galaxy Tab S with S Pen? Not all Android phones and tablets support pressure-sensitive pens. Check if the tablet and stylus you have are compatible and offer pen pressure. For Galaxy Tab S tablets, the S Pen, Wacom One pen, and Staedtler Noris Digital pens will work with the tablet.

  2. What browser are you using? Magma is best used on Google Chrome with Android devices.

After you have checked all of the above, and your pressure is still not working, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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