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Creating a layer and layer controls
Creating a layer and layer controls
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Creating a new layer

To create a new layer for your canvas, find the layers panel on the right-hand side of the UI below your tool settings.

Tap the icon of a page with the + symbol to create a new layer or use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+N.

You can also create a duplicate of your currently selected layer by tapping on the two-pages icon or assign a keyboard shortcut for it in your Application Settings.

When you create a new layer, it will appear directly above your active layer, even if other uses have layers above yours.

Other layer controls

You can hover over the other buttons at the top of your layers panel to see what they do. Cant see your layers panel in the bottom right? Check this guide.

  • Layer opacity slider: make a layer more transparent or opaque;

  • Lock layer opacity: an alpha lock for the layer. More here.

  • Layer blending modes: typical blending modes for your layer including Multiply, Color dodge, and Overlay;

  • Leave layer: allows another user to be able to take over the layer;

  • Duplicate layer: makes a copy of the layer

  • Layer by copy: makes a new layer of your selection by duplicating it;

  • Layer by cut: cuts your selection and pastes it on a new layer;

  • New layer: adds a new layer directly above your currently active one;

  • Lock layer: lock the layer so that it cannot be edited;

  • Clipping group: clips the layer to a parent layer below. More here;

  • Erase/Clear: Clears the contents of your layer

  • Transfer down: moves the contents of your current layer to the one below, if you own it;

  • Merge down: merges the contents of your layer with the one below it;

  • Search: opens a search bar for finding a layer by name or user;

  • Delete: deletes a layer from the list.

Right-click layer menu

Activate the layer menu by right-clicking on it in the layers panel, or long-press if you are on a mobile device.

You will find many of the same actions as are already at the top of the layers panel. However, there are some additions:

  • Trim layer: trims out any layer contents that fall outside of the canvas area;

  • Toggle personal layer visibility: lets you hide or show a layer without affecting visibility for other users;

  • Arrange layers: reorder your layer by bringing it forward or sending backward. More about layer arrangement here;

  • Kick from layer (admin only): kicks the current user from the layer;

  • Assign layer to (admin only): lets you assign a new owner for the layer;

Layer control keyboard shortcuts

You can also set custom shortcuts for your various layer controls in your Application Settings.

Layer visibility

You have two main visibility options for your layers:

  • global visibility which determines your layer's visibility to others;

  • personal visibility which only changes the layer's visibility for your view.

Read more about layer visibility in this guide.

Layer permissions

If you are the admin of the canvas, you can adjust certain permission in the Admin menu at the top of your UI. We encourage canvas owners to review their admin permissions before inviting others.

Video Guide

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