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Voice and Video Call Permissions
Voice and Video Call Permissions

This guide covers some of the issues that you might encounter when trying to start or join calls in Magma.

Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

There are two main areas where permission needs to be granted for you to start or join voice calls: it has to be permitted by the canvas owners, and you have to grant microphone and camera access to Magma in your browser.

Browser device permission

In order to use your microphone and camera for Video calls in Magma, you will need to allow Magma access to your devices.

Starting a call

When starting a call for the first time in Magma, or if you are using a private window, your browser will request permission to grant Magma access to your microphone.

Click Allow to grant access.

Enabling video for your call

After your call connects, you can enable the camera by tapping on the camera icon.

Again, a pop-up will appear requesting permission to grant Magma access to your camera outputs, like a webcam or virtual camera. Tap allow to grant access.

I accidentally blocked access

If you rejected access by accident for either the microphone or camera, you will need to adjust this in your browser settings.

There are two ways to do this in Chrome.

  1. Address bar
    - Look for the settings slider icon in the left of your address bar;

  2. Browser settings
    - open the browser settings by tapping on the three-dot icon in the right;
    - search for Site settings or type microphone or camera into the search bar
    - Select site settings and then the device you want to grant access to;
    - remove Magma from the list of blocked sites by tapping on the trash can icon.

Other browsers

While Chrome is our recommended browser, and you might be using another one, the process is generally the same.

Look out for the permissions popup in the top left and an icon in your address bar that might control permissions

On iPad

When using Safari on iPad's and iPhone's, you may be asked to grant access to the microphone or camera for each new session.

If you accidentally hit cancel instead of granting permission, you can refresh your page and start a new call.

If you need to access the site settings to grant permission, you can do this by tapping the double A to the left of the address bar, and then selecting Website Settings.

Canvas and Artspace call permissions

Canvas and artspace owners and admins might restrict certain functions for their joiners. If you are trying join a call on a canvas and nothing happens, ask your canvas host if they have disabled calls for the canvas.

You can limit users on your canvas from using the voice call function by opening the Admin menu and adjusting the Listen and Talk permissions accordingly.

I can't change the selected webcam

If you are on a Windows laptop with a built-in webcam, it might override any other camera inputs that you have available. If this happens, follow these steps:

  1. Press Window key + X;

  2. Select Device Manager;

  3. Find the Cameras section and right-click on your built-in camera;

  4. Select the Disable device option.
    This should make it possible to switch between your camera inputs normally.

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