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Saving your brushes

This guide takes you through saving your favourite brush settings in Magma.

Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

When you have the brush or eraser selected, the My Brushes section becomes available in your side panel. Here you can save specific brushes with the settings exactly the way that you like them to use again later, even after switching to other brushes.

Note: Free/Spark users can only save up to three custom brushes. Blaze and Fusion users will have unlimited brushes.

Saving your brushes

There are two ways to save your current brush settings:

My Brushes + button

  1. select the brush or eraser;

  2. adjust the settings either in the right-side panel or in the advanced brush settings;

  3. hit the brush+ icon in the brush list under My Brushes

  4. name your brush and hit OK

Advanced brush settings window

Don’t see the window? Set your panel to Full mode by tapping the gear icon under your colour wheel.

  1. Select the brush or eraser;

  2. tap Open Advanced Settings;

  3. adjust the brush to your liking

  4. at the bottom of the window, hit Save as a New Brush.

Find out more about the different brush settings in this guide.

Rename your saved brush

To rename a custom brush that you have saved:

  1. Tap the pencil icon on the brush preview in your brush list;

  2. Select Rename Preset;

  3. Input the new name and press OK.

Remove and replace brushes

If you realize that your custom brush needs a few slight adjustments, you don’t have to save a whole new brush. You can instead replace the settings of the saved brush with your current settings.

To do this, tap on the pencil icon on the brush preview in the brush list and select Save Override. You can only override custom brushes that you have saved, not Magma’s default brushes.

WARNING: You cannot undo this action.

You can also select Remove option from that same menu to delete your current brushes to make space for new ones.

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