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Perspective Grid Guide
Perspective Grid Guide

Overlay your artwork with custom line grids that help with perspective drawing.

Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

The collaborative Perspective tool will let you plot down vanishing points so that you and your teammates can easily draw environments and subjects with accurate perspective.

Note: the Perspective Tool is in beta and free to all users during the beta period.

When placing a perspective grid, a unique layer is created in your layers panel. The lines of the grid appear above all other layer contents and cannot be drawn over.

Placing your Guide

To place your Perspective Guide...

  1. Select the Perspective tool from the toolbar. There is no default shortcut assigned, but you can add one in your Application Settings;

  2. Tap/click and drag to create specific area for your grid
    tap once on the canvas to add a vanishing point
    tap on the one- two or three- point perspective buttons in your settings panel;

  3. Add more vanishing points by tapping on the canvas or selecting a different mode in the settings panel;

The Settings

You can adjust the settings for your perspective grid to suit your needs and workflow. Adjusting these settings will also change how other users view your perspective grid.

  • Mode - Choose between 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point point perspective;

  • Density - increases the number of perspective lines originating at each vanishing point;

  • Thickness - makes the perspective lines thicker or thinner;

  • Opacity - makes the perspective lines more opaque or more transparent;

  • Fade - makes perspective lines fade more closer to the vanishing point;

Removing vanishing points

To remove a vanishing point from your perspective grid, change the perspective mode.

For example, if you have a 3-point perspective grid, you can remove one point by selecting 2 Point mode in the settings panel.

Transform and reposition your grid

If you have set you grid in a particular part of your canvas, you can move it elsewhere using either the Move or Transform tools.

The Transform tool can also be used to resize your perspective grid layer.

Perspective grid visibility and other users

While working in a collaborative space, you might still want to turn off the visibility of grid layers. There is the option to Show/Hide all perspective grids in the View menu at the top of your canvas. This hides your grids AND those of other users.

When you change the settings of your active perspective grid, those settings will also apply to how other users view it. This means that when you lower the opacity of the grid, for example, it will also appear more transparent to other users on the canvas.

Magma also has different visibility options to show or hide layers specifically for yourself without disrupting the view of other users, You can read more in our Layer Visibility Guide.

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