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Reference Window

This guide goes over the Reference window controls in Magma.

Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

The Reference window lets you import your inspiration into the workspace without affecting your canvas.

The Reference Window is only available for Blaze users. Free/Spark users can still paste image files onto the canvas to use as reference.

How to use the Reference Window

Here’s an overview of what your Reference Window looks like and what the different controls are:

To open your reference window

  1. Open your canvas

  2. Go to your View menu and Reference Window

  3. The select Show Reference Window OR Import new image…

  4. Your window will appear with your last loaded image

How to add image to reference window

To add a reference image, you can either:

  1. Import one through your View menu


  1. Open your reference window

  2. Hit the Replace button

  3. and Import new file

You can also add an existing canvas from your Artdesk and Artspace as a reference image. You will need the canvas link to do this.

If you want multiple images loaded as reference, you could paste an assortment of images on a canvas and use that canvas as your reference image.

Recent Reference Images

You can cycle through your last 10 reference images using the image carousel. You can also choose to view a list of recent images by tapping the Recent dropdown.

Reference Window controls

Greyscale - will give you greyscale view of your reference to assess the values

Flip - flips your reference horizontally

Reset - resets the zoom of you

Zoom - Zoom in/out incrementally with buttons or use the slider

Recent - opens list of up to 10 recent images

Minify - Tap on the image to hide/show the reference window controls

How to move and scale reference image

To navigate around your reference image, you can use your mouse, stylus, or finger to drag the image around.

Use the Zoom buttons or slider, or two-finger pinch, on the image to zoom in or out.

Your Reference window can be moved around by tap or click and drag from the top bar of the window. To resize the window, there is a scale icon in the bottom-right corner.

Where are your files stored?

Files used as reference will be imported to either the Artdesk or Artspace in a folder named My References.

Depending on the file type, your imported file may be significantly larger in Magma. Imported reference images will also count toward your account storage limit, so you may need to manage your files more diligently.

Who has access to the Feature?

Blaze users will have full access to the Reference Window, allowing them to import files from their device or use existing canvases as reference.

Our free (Spark) users will have access to a demo version of the feature which is loaded with a default image to use as reference for your study or character design idea.

Using the Reference Image for a study

Join us in doing a study of the default reference and sharing it with us by using the hashtag #MagmaRefRed.

Stay tuned for a video where our in-house artist and Classroom host, chats about his approach to doing a study like this even if you’re a total beginner.

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