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This guide briefly covers customizing your toolbar by reordering some items and hiding others.

Written by Ryan Allan
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In any drawing or painting software, there are often tools that you hardly ever use. In Magma, you can now ‘hide’ those from your toolbar. Or rather group them behind a single icon. This is particularly useful for those on smaller displays, such as smartphones and mobile tablets, where the the list of tools can extend beyond the available screen space. Now you can have only your most-used tools in the side bar.

How to customize your toolbar

To rearrange or hide some of your tools , find the More icon (three dots) on the left, then hit the Customize Toolbar button. This will open the Application Settings window on your screen.

(Note: Customizing your toolbar on one device will apply these changes to any other device or browser that you are logged into as well. So, you won’t have to repeat this each time.)

  • To reorder items, you can click and drag the tools up and down.

  • To hide certain tools, drag them from the left column to the right. You will still be able to access these tools through the More icon, or by using their assigned hotkey.

  • You can also drag from the right column to the left to add things back to your toolbar.

  • The Reset to defaults button will return all items to their original position

  • When you are done make changes, hit the blue Save button.


If you’re using Magma on your phone, or a smaller pen display, you might not see the More icon on the toolbar. In that case, you can simply go to the Application Settings through the Edit menu on your canvas, and then open the Toolbar tab.

For phones, this window will appear slightly differently. Instead of the ‘Hidden items’ column appearing on the right, you can now find it below the ‘Visible items’ list.

You may struggle to move tools from the top of your visible list down to the hidden list and will first need to move it further down before you can drag it over.

Your updated toolbar

After saving your new settings the toolbar will then update and you’ll find your hidden tools behind the More icon.

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