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How to change the language in Magma
How to change the language in Magma

This guide shows you how to change your browser's translation settings so that you can view Magma in other languages.

Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

We’re excited to have so many users from all over the world. Currently, we only offer Magma in English and Japanese but setting the browser to auto-translate could improve the experience for our other non-English-speaking users. This guide will show you the steps to do that a little further down.

Changing language in Application Settings

Changing the language in your application settings will apply the change to your account. So, no matter what device you log onto next, Magma will remember your language choice.

For now, only English and Japanese languages are offered, but we do intend to add more supported languages over time.

  1. Open a canvas;

  2. Open the Edit menu and go to Application Settings;

  3. in the General tab, find the language setting and change accordingly;

  4. Save your settings and close the window.

Setting Auto-translate

Note: We understand that auto-translate features may be inaccurate and have some language errors, but hopefully it will help a little bit.

In Google Chrome: on PC

  • Tap the action menu

  • Go to Settings

  • Select the Languages tab

  • Find the Google Translate section toward the bottom of the page

  • Make sure Google translate is enabled

  • Set your first/native language as the language to translate into

  • Add English to languages to auto translate

  • Save your changes

  • and refresh the Magma page;

Microsoft Edge on PC

  • when page loads, pop-up appears;

  • If you missed the pop-up, tap this icon;

  • Confirm language choice and tap Done.

Goggle Chrome on iPad

  • Tap action menu;

  • Select Translate;

  • A pop-up appears where you can adjust settings.

In iPadOS Safari

Websites that a appear in a different language to your device will show Translation Available in the URL bar after it loads

  • tap the aA icon on the left of the URL bar;

  • Select Translate to (x).

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