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Using Text Tool on Firefox
Using Text Tool on Firefox

Text tool guide for Firefox users

Written by Ryan Allan
Updated over a week ago

If you are using Magma on Firefox, you may find that you lose the formatting of one text layer when copying and pasting into another.

We normally recommend Google Chrome or Safari as the preferred browsers for Magma, but if you aren't able or do not wish to change, you can follow the steps in this guide to adjust the necessary settings.

You can learn more about Firefox’s configuration editor here.


  1. Type about:config into your URL box. You will be prompted to proceed with caution. Click the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

  2. A search bar will appear in the new window where you can search for specific settings. Type asyncClip in that bar.

  3. A few different settings will appear. Find and

  4. If these are set to False, double-click on the setting to switch it or hit the toggle button on the far right.

  5. Lastly, refresh your Magma page for the new settings to be applied.

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