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Keyboard Shortcuts

Magma's keyboard shortcuts listed and explained.

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To find and change the keyboard shortcuts list in Magma Editor read this article: How can I find/change keyboard shortcuts?

Magma's keyboard shortcuts

Some shortcuts are not available due to browser taking precedence over the application.


Download Cmd S Ctrl S

Download selection Option S Alt S

Share as PNG Cmd Shift S Ctrl Shift S

Share selection as PNG Option Shift S Alt Shift S

Undo Cmd Z Ctrl Z

Redo Cmd Shift Z Ctrl Shift Z

Switch Colors X

Chat Enter

Push-to-talk '


Zoom in = or Cmd = Ctrl =

Zoom out - or Cmd - Ctrl -

Flip horizontally H

Rotate left Option F14 Alt F14

Rotate right Option F13 Alt F13

Reset rotation Esc

Fit on screen Home

Actual pixels End

Toggle UI Tab

Show/Hide Comments Shift C


Repeat last filter Cmd Option F Ctrl Alt F


Select all Cmd A Ctrl A

Deselect Cmd D Ctrl D

Invert selection Cmd Shift J Ctrl Shift J

Delete selection Delete


Add layer Shift N

Transfer down layer F

Merge down layer Cmd E Ctrl E

Toggle clipping group Cmd Option G Ctrl Alt G

Lock opacity Cmd B Ctrl B

Layer via copy Cmd J Ctrl J

Layer via cut Cmd Shift J Ctrl Shift J

Previous layer Option [ Alt ]

Next layer Option [ Alt ]


Decrease brush size [

Increase brush size ]

Cut Cmd X Ctrl X

Copy Cmd C Ctrl C

Copy merged Cmd Shift C Ctrl Shift C

Paste Cmd V Ctrl V

Paste in place Cmd Shift V Ctrl Shift V

Tool preset 1 1

Tool preset 2 2

Tool preset 3 3

Tool preset 4 4

Tool preset 5 5

Tool preset 6 6


Move V

Selection M

Lasso Selection L

Transform Shift T

Eyedropper I

Pixel Pencil N P

Brush B

Eraser E

Paint Bucker G

Rectangle U

Hand Tool Space

Rotate View Tool R

Zoom Z

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