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Importing images to Magma
Importing images to Magma

Different ways to import and paste an image to your canvas

Written by Ryan Allan
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There are a few different ways to go about importing an image onto your shared Magma canvas. Some approaches might be easier depending on what device you are using.

This guide will first cover ways of pasting an image onto your active canvas, and then how to import an image as a new canvas.

Add an image to your canvas

Copy & paste

You can copy and paste images from various sources onto your canvas.

  • Right-click on an image and hit Copy

  • Open your canvas and paste the image using the Edit menu functions or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V.

The image might paste on your active layer or a new layer depending on your settings. You can change this by opening up the Settings window from the Edit menu and checking the Create New Layer When Pasting box

Drag & drop images

Whether you are on a computer or an iPad, you can also simply drag and drop images onto your active canvas.

If you are on a computer, open your File explorer or browser tab, left-click and drag the image over onto your canvas. On an iPad, you can do the same thing by tapping and holding on an image and then dragging it.

According to your settings in Magma, the image will either be pasted on your active layer or as a new one.

Edit menu functions

If you are on a smaller mobile device, dragging and dropping images onto your canvas can be a bit more cumbersome. In that case, the easiest approach is to use the functions in the Edit menu.

  1. If the image is saved on your device, use Paste File to open a File management window and search for the image you want to use.
    According to your settings in Magma, the image will either be pasted on your active layer or as a new one.

  2. Paste: This will paste an image on your system clipboard in the center of your active layer. The shortcut for this is Ctrl+V.

  3. Paste in place: This will paste an image from youThe shortcut for this is Ctrl+Shift+V

  4. Paste on new layer: This will paste an image from your clipboard onto

Import as a new image

You can import an image as a new canvas either from your canvas or from your Artdesk/Artspace dashboard.

From the dashboard

Click or tap Import between the New Canvas and New Folder buttons.

From the canvas

Tap the File menu and select Import.

Import PSD files

In the same way that you can import a regular image, you can also drag and drop or import Photoshop PSD files. This will include the layers from the original file though certain characteristics such as masks and adjustment layers are not yet compatible.

How to change the size of your imported image

Once you paste your image on the canvas, you can resize and move it using the Transform tool. You can read more about that in our tool guide.

Import to sequence

Images can also be imported onto your multiboard by clicking the filmstrip icon on the bottom left of the interface and dragging your image into the sequence panel.

Import PDF files into a sequence

When you import a PDF into Magma by dropping it in the Multiboard panel, each page of the PDF will appear on a new canvas in sequence that is connected to the first.

You can also import a PDF from your Artdesk or Artspace dashboard.

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