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Tip: Magma includes most of the functions important to any digital artists; that said, if you ever find yourself in need of additional functions, you can use this guide to quickly bring files out of Magma, edit them locally on your device, and easily update the original canvas in Magma

Paid feature: Some of the features described in this article are part of paid Magma plans

Let's suppose you have an artwork that you've created on Magma:

You really like the result, but you would like to adjust perspective and a couple other things using your local software.

In that case, you can use File -> Export -> as PSD option to export your canvas as a fully editable PSD file, which you can open locally on your computer.

You can now open file locally and make some edits:

Once you're done, save the file, go back to Magma and choose Edit -> Paste file option (or drag & drop PSD file directly onto the canvas):

You'll see the following modal:

Here's an explanation of these options:

  • Import as image β€” Layers from the pasted PSD file will be merged and added as a single layer on top of existing layers

  • Import as new layers β€” Layers from the pasted file will be added on top of existing layers

  • Update existing layers β€” Layers from the pasted PSD will be matched to existing ones and automatically updated

If you simply want to update previous canvas with the changes that you made locally without any changes to the layer structure, choose the last option.

After pasting is complete, you should see the updated file on Magma:

That's it! You're ready to continue your workflow on Magma.

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