List of new features

  • Live feed showing online drawings and users

  • Easy access to all of your artworks:

    • Spark plan: 100 MB of Cloud Space

    • Blaze plan: 5 GB of Cloud Space

  • New artwork management functions (creating folders, duplicating, removing)

  • Searching for specific artworks

  • History of all drawings that you ever participated in

    • Spark plan: Join any past drawing which was active within last 30 days

    • Blaze plan: Join any past drawing without limitations

  • Resources widget with tips & tricks

Read more about each feature below.

Live feed showing online drawings and users

Find out which of your friends are currently online on images that you all share, and join them to create together

New artwork management functions

  • Duplicate: create a template and duplicate it to save time, or create copy of any image to work on an alternative version

  • Share as PNG: generate a link that can be pasted into issue tracker or on social media

  • Export: download your image in various formats (PNG/JPG/PSD)

  • Delete: remove images that you no longer use

History of all drawings that you ever participated in

Go back in time to artworks that you had created with others in the past. Revive great memories by going back to some old sessions and inviting your friends to hop on.

Easy access to all of your artworks

Organize your work in a meaningful way, for example:

  • Categorize artworks based on month or year to track your progress over time

  • Use folders to organize art lessons or other activities

  • Keep your references and inspirations right inside Magma

Searching for specific artworks

Save time by jumping right away into the right file, regardless of where did you save it.

Resources widget with tips & tricks

Find our how to use Magma effectively and be the first to learn about exciting new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for it?

Artdesk is available for anyone for free, but there are some limitations for how many artworks you can store & access. You can read about it more here.

Is Artdesk the same as Artspaces which you have announced a while ago?

Long story short: no, to explain difference in a simple way:

  • Artdesk is meant to be your personal dashboard, where you can find your artworks and easily connect with friends who you’ve collaborated with in the past

  • Artspaces allow you to create shared environment for a team or community, meet new artists and collaborate on projects together

It’s great, but could you add X/Y/Z?

We’d love to hear all your feedback and great ideas — really! That’s in big part what inspired us to build Artdesk, and helps us develop the app day by day. Please use our contact from to let us know your thoughts.

Something is not working — what should I do?

Although we extensively tester the new version, there is always risk of some bugs making it through. If you think something does not work as it should, please let us know via support chat build inside the app (Help → Chat with support)

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