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Storage limits & accessing inactive drawings
Storage limits & accessing inactive drawings
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Current limitations

On June 14, 2023 we've removed archivization feature and started enforcing account storage limits as announced. This means that you can keep your Magma files as long as you want and never lose access to them. If you go over your storage limits, you simply won't be able to create new files.

Here are the limits applied to each plan:

Spark (free)


Starter (free)




100 MB

5 GB

1 GB

5 GB / user


Accessing inactive drawings

No longer enforced

No longer enforced

No longer enforced

No longer enforced

No longer enforced

What counts towards the storage limit?

All data associated with the artworks:

  • All layers of every drawing owned by a given user (both active, and inactive)

  • Version history data associated with the drawing (upcoming)

If you run out of space, you can always clean up older images by removing those which are no longer needed:

How to check canvas size?

You can view canvas size by customizing columns of the table. In order to do that, click the small "panel" icon in the bottom left corner of file table:

This will make it possible to view file size of each of your canvases in the table making file management much easier:

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