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Personalize cursors’ appearance
Personalize cursors’ appearance
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Set up your custom avatar

Express yourself by creating your own custom avatar! Do it by drawing one in our app or uploading an image. Then share it with the world!

Method #1: Selecting part of the canvas

If you want to set your own avatar from the drawing you have created, you can do it by selecting the Selection tool (shortcut “M”). Select the chosen part of the drawing and choose "Set as avatar". It's that simple!

Method #2: Uploading an image

Alternatively, if you have an image with your desired avatar on the hard drive, you can go to `[Your name] button -> User settings`, click the folder icon, choose an image to upload, and click “save” button to finalize the change.

Customize cursors’ appearance on screen

By default, you’ll be able to see avatars as part of the cursors of everyone you are drawing with.

If you don’t like the default setting, you can change how the cursors of other people appear on your screen.

Go to Edit -> Application settings -> Other user cursors and select one of the available options:

  • Don’t show — you won’t see other user cursors anymore

  • The cursor only — you will only see circles, no avatar or names

  • Avatar — you will see other users' cursors along with their avatar

  • Name — you will see other users' cursors along with their name

  • Avatar and name — you will see other users' cursors along with their name and avatar

You will only see cursors if they haven’t been disabled by the canvas administrator.

💡 Please note that this setting only changes how you see the others, it does not affect the avatars of other users.

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