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What can I use Magma for?
What can I use Magma for?

Discover how our art collaboration platform can help you.

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There are a number of areas where Magma can help, but we're finding it extremely helpful especially for:

  • Online art teaching — allowing teachers and students to draw on the same canvas is a real game changer: it makes explaining things much easier, and working with multiple students at once in a true, collaborative environment feels fun and natural for everyone

  • Creative process — brainstorming on ideas with multiple people in real-time in an early phase of the production pipeline leads to significant savings in time, and also yields much more ideas, than a regular process with everyone working in isolation.

  • Storyboarding — working on a story on a shared canvas is much easier: you can either divide frames between multiple artists or tackle them one by one together.

  • Collaborating with other artists — every artist has a unique style, but combining a few different styles and personalities together often leads to things and ideas which would have never been discovered otherwise.

  • Connecting with your audience — drawing with their favorite artists is for most people a thing to remember. You can engage with your audience in a way that will help your community thrive.

  • Drawing for fun — last, but not least, believe us when we say: that drawing with friends is simply a lot of fun.

We hope that is enough reasons to try — but don't take our word for it, create a canvas, invite your friends and give it a go!

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