ℹ️ Artspaces Beta is invite-only. If you haven't requested an invite yet, you can do it here: https://magma.com/introducing-artspaces/join

Accepting an invite

Once you receive your invite email:

  1. Go to https://magma.com and log into your account

  2. Click the small icon below Magma logo in the top left corner of the application to switch to your Artspace:

  3. Invite your friends or coworkers by sending them invitation link

Congratulations! You're ready to explore your new Artspace!

What are the new features in my Artspace?

Share workspace with friends or coworkers

Everyone invited to your Artspace gets access to all the files, and can see and join any ongoing sessions.

Leave comments directly on the canvas

Sharing your feedback and ideas is as simple as pinning a note anywhere on the canvas

Get notified about any updates or comments

We'll let you know about latest changes in your Artspace so that you can easily stay on top of things

Connect multiple artworks together

Use multiboard feature to tell a story, collect references or split the work during a collaborative session

If you'd like to learn more about Artspaces features, please check out the introduction video below:

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